Weekly reviews of crab cakes around the MD and DC area

Ocean Pride Seafood

Ocean Pride has been gracing the Luterville/Timonium area since 1971. At that time, the place was owned by Robert Curreri. The Bielski brothers worked at Ocean Pride as crab steamers from the time the place opened until 1980. Then, in 2004, they bought the place and have been running it ever since. Not only has Ocean Pride been acknowledged as some of Baltimore's best crabs, they also have a store onsite that sells seafood (such as crabs, crab cakes, lobsters, etc.), adult beverages, and restaurant swag (t-shirts, coolers, etc.). The CCR stopped by to see how their crab cakes stack up against everyone elses. Read on to see how they were!

Michael's Cafe

One of Baltimore Magazine's Top 25 Crab Cakes of 2013! Michael's Cafe dates back to 1984, when the Dellis family opened a restaurant where they focused on quality, service, and atmosphere. Fast forward 30 years, and that winning combination, in addition to a world-famous crab cake recipe, has Michael's Cafe going strong, recently completing their third major renovation that adds an inside lounge and an outdoor patio. Considered one of Baltimore's top crab cakes year after year, we just had to stop by and pay our respects. Was the hype worth the trip? Read on and find out!

Jumbo Jimmy's Crab Shack

Jumbo Jimmy's Crab Shack doesn't lie when it comes to the name. Around the corner from the Hollywood Casino, tucked away on a local road, is The Shack. Complete with Tiki Bar, package store, and restaurant.  As the name implies, the big draw here, aside from live entertainment, is the crabs, which you can smell as soon as you walk in. As much as we love crackin' a few with friends over a pitcher of beer, we decided to take a gamble on their crab cakes. Did we win the jackpot, or should we have folded? Read on to find out!

Schultz's Crab House Backfin Crab Cake

Last week, the CCR reviewed Schultz's Jumbo Lump crab cake. This week, we continue our review of Schultz's and try their other popular offering, the Backfin crab cake. In case you missed it, Schultz's has a history dating back to 1950. Originally a barroom, in 1969 the place has expanded to the establishment that it is today while still carrying on the Schultz name. We felt their Jumbo Lump crab cake was quite nice, but the backfin is certainly cheaper and was on special the night we stopped by. Is it as good as the Jumbo Lump? Let's find out!

Schultz's Crab House Jumbo Lump Crab Cake

Schultz's Crab House is a Baltimore landmark that dates back to 1950. When Schultz's first moved into their current building, it housed three separate storefornts: the bar, a spaghetti carry-out, and an appliance store. After knocking down some walls and moving some things around, Schultz's Lounge was in business. The Lounge operated as a barroom only until 1969, when the liquor license was sold to the current owners, who then renamed the business to what we know it as today. With all of this history, in addition to the business' longevity, we would expect them to know a thing or two about crab cakes. Read on to see how our adventure was!

New Commenting System!

The CCR is trying something new with the comment system! In hopes of providing an easier commenting experience for you, and to reduce the amount of spam for us, we're implementing a new commenting system (Disqus). Things may look a little weird on pages that already have comments, and there may be double comments links as a result of the other system, but we'll figure out if we can port those over and get things all cleaned up.  If you have any feedback for us, we'd love to hear about it. Send us a message via our contact form!

Lib's Grill

Lib's Grill is a new venture from a well known Italian restaurant chain, Liberatore's. Instead of opening yet another Italian restaurant location, they opened a new raw bar concept (which happens to be a few doors down from one of their Italian restaurant locations). You'll find an extensive oyster bar, in addition to steaks, sandwiches, flatbreads, and seafood. Which, of course, includes crab cakes. Do they use the same recipe as their parent restaurant, or did they come up with their own unique take? Let's find out!

Casa Mia's - Forest Hill

Casa Mia's is a local chain of pizza shops which advertise they are the "home of the best crab cake in the world." While there seem to be a few Casa Mia's in the area, this particular chain has locations in Forest Hill/Bel Air and Nottingham/White Marsh. Claims such as the one they make always intrigue us, so we set out to the Forest Hill location to see if it is true. Read on to see what our experience was like!

The Bayou

For over 60 years, there has been a restaurant on Route 40 that has been a local favorite. That establishment would be The Bayou. The current owners purchased the restaurant back in 1982, and ever since, the Wards have strived to provide top quality local cuisine in a place that emanates local ambience. Their three dining rooms are decorated with decoys (as Havre de Grace is known as The Decoy Capital of the World), local scenes depicted in paintings and photographs, and historical newspaper accounts. Of course, it was the crab cakes that attracted us. Read on to see how they were!

DC Crab Cake & Co.

We've written about food trucks before. Frankly, we love them. There's nothing like getting out of the office for lunch and going to an outdoor food court that is different each day. Yet, food trucks are like the epic white whale - there one day, gone the next. Sure, you could use the various online methods of stalking your favorite truck. But with the sheer volume of food trucks on the streets these days, it is hard to keep up with them all, let alone know who is still in business and who is new to the scene. The DC Crab Cake & Co. truck is one of them. They've been around since late 2013, and already had food the first time we saw them. So we recently came across them and had to try them out. Was it worth the wait? Let's find out!

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