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Dogfish Head Alehouse

Dogfish Head is known locally for their finely crafted beers.  But a recent venture for them is to expand their Rehoboth Beach alehouse to other locations, namely Gaithersburg, MD, in addition to Fairfax and Falls Church, VA.  Now you don't have to endure beach traffic just to sample the latest and greatest on tap from DFH.  And being some crab cake lovin' people, anyplace that serves crab cakes and guarantees delicious beer, well, we just can't say no.  So how was the visit to Montgomery County?  Let's find out!


17 Light

One of the big to-do items when visiting Baltimore is to try the crab cake.  The city is famous for them, after all.  More than likely, you'll be in the Inner Harbor area at some point, either for your daytime activities, and/or for your lodging.  And that area is definitely not without its crab cake options.  But do you venture down to the harbor, where names like the Rusty Scupper, Phillips and McCormick & Schmick's entices you?  Or do you eat at the hotel restaurant where you are staying?

17 Light is located at the Residence Inn, which is one of the more family-friendly locations around the Inner Harbor.  Suites are typically more spacious, allow for more privacy, and have kitchens where you can make traveling a bit more affordable.  And upon looking upon the menu, you may notice that they have a crab cake.  Brilliant!  The Baltimore Marriott Waterfront over in Harbor East had some delicious crab cakes.  Will these follow suit?  Or should you venture somewhere else (say, around the corner)?  Read on to find out!


Mama's On The Half Shell

Mama's On The Half Shell set out to provide Baltimore with a "classic" seafood house that the city was desperately missing.  A seafood house with tastes and smells that Baltimoreans can remember growing up with.  While there are still some out there, you first have to find them, and then get to them.  And they'll most likely not be anywhere near the Inner Harbor.  Luckily, Canton is accessible by water taxi, so the adventuresome tourists can leave the sanctity of the Harbor and venture out to parts unknown.  And it must be worth the trip, as this place was packed on a Tuesday afternoon with tourists and locals alike.  But a raw bar and drink specials aren't enough.  A classic Baltimore flavor is the crab cake.  How did they do?  Let's find out!


Hey DC!

So it seems Baltimore has been getting a lot of lovin' from us lately.  Granted, B'more is known for crab cakes, and it is where the CCR started.  But no more!  Word on the street is that DC wouldn't know a good crab cake if it jumped up and smacked them in the face.  

You guys gonna take that?  HELL NO!  

So.....starting August 31st, we are going to start highlighting some of DC's finest (and possibly not so finest) crab cakes.  But we need your help.  Aside from chasing down the white whale that is Curbside Crabcakes (who only seems to stay put for about an hour before moving to the next location), where else should we go?  Tell us who has the tastiest crab cakes!  Either fill out the contact form or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Hull Street Blues

What started out as a saloon back in 1889 has now become known as Hull Street Blues.  Located in what is known as Locust Point, the restaurant serves as a testament and honor to Issac Hull, who was a naval hero in the war of 1812 (which is kind of a big deal around Maryland).  If you haven't been in South Baltimore lately, there is a lot of revitalization happening, with new businesses and shopping centers opening up alongside historic locations such as Hull Street Blues.  Accessible by car or water taxi, we'll bet you're wondering if the trip is worth it.  Follow along and find out!


Jimmy's Famous Seafood

Since 1974, as the name implies, Jimmy's has been famous for their seafood offerings, although they offer far more than just seafood.  You're probably wondering how a restaurant can get so famous, seeing as how most of you are asking yourselves, "Where ever in the city is Broening Manor?"  Go there, and you may start to ponder what you're even doing there, and if the CCR lead you astray or not (the neighborhood is very industrial).  Fret not, fearless readers, Jimmy's is there!  Broening Manor is located in SE Baltimore, at the point where you're almost in Dundalk.  But is it worth the trek in our search for the city's tastiest crab cakes?  Let's find out!

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