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Jerry's Seafood Crab Bomb

For over 25 years, Jerry's Seafood has been providing the DC area with fresh, gourmet seafood.  One of the first things you notice about the menu is the number of items on the menu.  As opposed to having every imaginable combaination of seafood available, they instead focus on a few entrees that they feel they do right.  One of these entrees is known as The Crab Bomb.  One night (based on the recommendation of friend of the CSR, Akisha C.), the CCR went to take on this formidable conconction.  Who won?  Follow along and find out!


Rip's Country Inn

Rip's Country Inn has been a local establishment since 1952, and has since grown to encompass a restaurant, liquor store and deli.  The interior decor fits the exterior, with a seating area that looks like horse stalls, and antiques adorning the walls.  They also pride themselves on makign everything from scratch, which lends itself to their homestyle feel.  On their menu are the Maryland Crab Cakes.  Does being home made make them worth the visit?  Let's give them a try and find out!


Chick and Ruth's Delly

You can't get any more 'local landmark' than Chick and Ruth's Delly.  Politicians, dignitaries, celebreties, locals, and tourists agree that your local Ma and Pa sandwich shop is certainly still worth visiting.  Where else can you order a sandwich named after a local politician, recite the Plege of Alegiance each morning, and take on one of the the Colossial Challenges?  And now they have crab cakes available at the shop as well as mail order.  Are they really Crab Cake Central, as the sign outside indicates?  Read along and find out!


Handy Crab Cakes

Shopping in a grocery store that you've never been to before is always an adventure.  New store layout, new brands that you might not have seen before, and yet another store card to sign up for in order to take advantage of the sale prices.  When touring foreign grocery aisles, I can't help but look and see if there is a new crab cake offering (both fresh or frozen) that may that one secret find that will satiate my crab cake hankerings without having to go to a restaurant (which gets expensive after a while).  One such trip introduced me to Handy crab cakes.  According to their website, they are America's oldest seafood processor, who still maintains a plant in Crisfield, MD.  Being a local seafood company, they should know a thing or two about crab cakes then.  Do they?  Let's find out!

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