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Mo's Crab and Pasta Factory

Mo's Crab and Pasta Factory Backfin Crab Cakes Mo's Crab and Pasta Factory Backfin Crab Cakes Crab Cake Review

On the edge of Little Italy sits Mo's Seafood.  If you have ever driven from the Inner Harbor to Fells Point, you most likely have past by this icon under the name Mo's Fishermans Wharf.  This, however, is not that Mo's.  Believe it or not, there is another Mo's in Little Italy, owned by the same restaurant group, right around the corner (there are 5 in all, scattered around the area) under the name Mo's Crab and Pasta Factory.  Tucked away behind Della Notte, if you weren't directed there, you would have probably missed it.  But the question on all of your minds is:  How were the crab cakes?

Mo's Crab and Pasta Factory only sells one kind of crab cake: backfin.  (Head over to Mo's Fishermans Wharf if you are looking for jumbo lump crab cakes)  This at least makes ordering easy.  What you don't expect upon placing your order is that you get "2 softball sized crab cakes".  (NOTE:  Friend of the CCR Steve H. had pointed out that this location does in fact sell the jumo lump crab cake, it's just not readily seen on the menu.  We'll confirm the menu on our next trip to Baltimore and update this entry.  In the meantime, look for it if you stop by this location!)

With those softball sized crab cakes comes your choice of side, for which I picked broccoli.  At first you would ask yourself why you didn't get to choose two like every other place.  But when those cakes are presented before you, the single side you get almost seems like too much.  Tartar sauce and a lemon wedge are served by default, and you are asked if you would like any cocktail sauce.

The cake itself ended up being what seemed like 25% filler, which at least keeps the cake nice and moist.  Not really the largest lumps of backfin either, when compared to others' backfin crab cakes.  If you pulled out a piece of crab on it's own, the crab had a nice, sweet flavor.  But on the whole, the mayo/mustard flavor of the filler takes over, leaving an eggy aftertaste that lasts for hours.  Not much spice, if at all, to counteract the filler.  Came across a few crunchy bits, but I wasn't entirely sure if they were bits of onion or shell/cartilage.

For the money, this crab cake is a good value for the amount of food that you get.  You will certainly not be walking away hungry.  But the crab cakes themselves end up being too much filler, negating the flavor of the crab itself, and not being much to write home about.

As for that broccoli side I had: if you can imagine how a carnival deep frier smells after cooking onion rings, that is how the broccoli tasted.  And the smell was like an old shoe.

Have you had Mo's Crab and Pasta Factory's backfin crab cake?  Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Additional Info

  • Restaurant Name: Mo's Crab and Pasta Factory
  • Address: 502 Albemarle St Baltimore, MD 21202
  • Neighborhood: Little Italy
  • Restaurant Type: Local Chain
  • Review Date: 04/13/2011 8:43pm
  • Atmosphere: Moderate
  • Item(s) Ordered: Backfin Crab Cakes
  • Cooking Style: Broiled
  • Other Styles Available: Yes
  • Available by mail order?: Yes
  • Price: 21.99
  • Order Type: Double Platter
  • Crab Content: Backfin
  • Filler: More Than Average
  • Spice: Minimal
  • Overall Impression: Mediocre
  • Rating (out of 5 crabs):


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# Jaqueline 2012-10-30 19:58
Go to Mo's is the best food in the world !!!
# S. Heintze 2012-03-07 14:08
Odd. My wife and I make it a point of trying crab cakes all over the place and Mo's is still our favorite. I don't like filler and I'd be surprised if it consisted of a full 25%; really surprised. It's also the flavor, very subtle spicing and barely held together by the "filler."
-1 # R.HILLY 2012-01-01 20:27
Worst, filler cakes I've had in a long time