Weekly reviews of crab cakes around the MD and DC area

Queen Anne's County
Oct 25, 2016

Harris Crab House

At the base of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge lies Kent Island, known for its abundance of marinas, seafood restaurants, and outlet stores.  Heading "downy ocean, hon" from B'more, DC and Annapolis, you can't miss it.  And for over 50 years, Harris has been delivering fresh seafood straight from the watermen to your plate, offering expansive water views, all you can eat crab specials year round, and plenty of docking should you arrive by boat.

So it comes as no surpirse that the CCR would find itself here.  Of course, it wouldn't be our first, either!  Harris is that place you visit when you want seafood but don't want to deal with all of the Baltimore or Annapolis tourists.  And being on the other side of the bridge, it is far enough away that it is an enjoyable drive, without hearing cries of "are we there yet?"  So is their crab cake worthy of going that little extra distance, and paying the bridge toll as well?  Read along and find out!