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Blob's Park

Blob's Park MD Style Crab Cakes Blob's Park MD Style Crab Cakes Crab Cake Review

Who doesn't love a German beer hall?  Wood paneling and stuffed animal heads on the walls (one bear in particular looks like he knows how to have a good time!).  Long list of German beers on tap.  The sounds of polkas and people in traditional German clothing dancing.

Blob's Park has been around since 1933, when it opened with the purpose to bring a little bit of the homeland to the area for everyone to enjoy.  There is a fair amount of history here, like the first Oktoberfest in the United States being celebrated here in 1947.  If you haven't been here at least once, then you'll certainly want to make a point to at some point.  

Bennet's Curse also sets up shop at Blob's Park, which has been voted one of the best haunts in the country.  As part of your admission, you gain free entrance into Blob's Park.  Imagine our surprise when, after going into the bar for a post-haunt beer, that we would see crab cakes on the menu!  (But, sadly, no maultaschen.)  Well, we couldn't pass up an opportunity to see what the Germans could do with our favorite local treat.  Follow along to see how the aventure unfolds!

The Maryland Crab Cakes is a double platter with your choice of two sides, along with tartar and cocktail sauces.  Crab Cake Sandwich is also available, presumably with fries as a side (the menu isn't very descriptive).

The crab cake is mostly crab, with a fair bit of lumps amongst the shredded crab.  Nice moisture with a tiny bit of sauce.  The crab has a good flavor to it, with the spicing sitting back to accentuate nicely (although there could have been a tad bit more of it).  

The crab is stringer than we would like, and some of those bits are dry despite the moisture of the cake.  The shreds of crab could be minimized with less mixing.  Frying the cakes ends up making them a bit greasier than necessary, although it may be the type of oil used.   Despite the nitpicking, these crab cakes are pretty good that were pretty surprising given the location.

Have you experienced Blob's Park Maryland Style Crab Cakes?  Let us know in the comments! 

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Additional Info

  • Restaurant Name: Blob's Park
  • Address: 8024 Max Blobs Park Rd Jessup, MD 20794
  • Neighborhood: Jessup
  • Restaurant Type: Local
  • Review Date: 10/13/2011 7:54pm
  • Atmosphere: Moderate
  • Item(s) Ordered: Maryland Style Crab Cakes
  • Cooking Style: Fried
  • Other Styles Available: No
  • Price: 15.95
  • Order Type: Double Platter
  • Crab Content: Lump
  • Filler: Minimal
  • Spice: Minimal
  • Overall Impression: Very Good
  • Rating (out of 5 crabs):



# Steve C 2011-11-30 10:11
11/26/2011 I don't know about the crab cakes but
last night I arrived at about 6:30 for our reservation, which is when they open. The clueless but very nice lady charged me a $30 cover charge for a 10 year old. My wife and I were in town from Milwaukee for Thanksgiving and were we with my parents and my two younger brothers and their families. We had their Groupon deal and the cover was included.

They seated us right near the toilets and when we asked to move they sat us at the other end of this big room. It took a long time for the server to take our drink order and even longer to get our drinks. My Pilsner beer was room temperature. One would think a "beer garder" would know how to serve beer. Then we waited another long stint to place our orders. They of course were out of what I wanted, a Pork Shank.

During my wait I bought a nice looking shirt but I think the clueless but nice old lady pocketed the $10 because she didn't charge tax or give me a receipt a bag or anything as proof of the sale. I don't know if she is dishonest but she shouldn't be responsible for anything. I bet the IRS might be interested in how they handle cash.

Then after waiting a seriously long time for, I don't know maybe a beer garden might want to sell beer and take another order, but that was not the case. I went to the bar and got drinks for me and my two young daughters. It is about 8:15 and no sign of our food or ther server for that matter. I was thinking about ordering a pizza to find out who would serve us or notice us sooner.

At 8:40 I left and made sure I told the nice but clueless woman I was going out to dinner.

I only rated this dump a 1 star because I couldn't rate it lower. I will make sure to tell people in Milwaukee that see me wearing their shirt to avoid this place. I would suggest they get their act together or shut down again. Find out how to treat GUESTS IN YOUR ESTABLISHMENT.

I don't think ordering crab cakes would have made a bit of difference.

I just found out that the food was cold when it came out. Hopefully, my family will seek a refund too.