Weekly reviews of crab cakes around the MD and DC area

Other Crabby Delights

Pappas Crab Melt

Last week we reviewed Pappas Jumbo Lump Crab Cake at the repeated request of our friends. And it was very good! Their menu had lots of crab options on it, so we coudln't just leave it at the crab cake. So while we were there, we took it upon ourselves to see how the Crab Melt stood up to the glory of their regular crab cake. Read on to find out how things went down!


Gunpowder Lodge Crab Alfredo Pizza

Last week, we reviewed the Gunpowder Lodge's crab cake. We liked it so much, that we had to review one other crab-related item on their menu -- the Crab Alfredo Pizza. We've tried a similar product in the past, and were less than pleased. Everything else coming out of the GPL's kitchen looked tasty, so why not? So put your crab bib on, get your hunger in check, and continue on to see what we thought!


Dark Horse Saloon Chesapeake Grilled Cheese

The Dark Horse Saloon in Bel Air has been around since 2010 and features southwestern favorites and authentic, award-winning barbecue.  (There is another location in Canton as well, but may be under different ownership.) The original building dates back to the post civil war era, having served as the home to John's barbershop, a watch repair store and the original headquarters of the Aegis newspaper.  The decor pays homage to this rich history, keeping with the Western theme and including relics of days gone past.  So you normally wouldn't expect a southwestern place to serve crab cakes.  But when they do, they go all out.  In addition to crab cake platters and sandwiches comes the Chesapeake Grilled Cheese.  Is it as amazing as it sounds?  Continue on and see for yourself!


Pizza Boli's Old Bay Crab Pizza

We'll bet you didn't know that Pizza Boli's started over 25 years ago up in the Baltimore neighborhood of Mount Washington.  Nowadays, they have over 70 stores in the MD, VA, PA and DC area, being voted best pizza by the Washingtonian Magazine, and touting that they offer more product variety than any other major pizza chain.  They are also innovators in recyclable container technology with their SmartBox pizza boxes.  Along with that, one of their newest pizza offerings is the Old Bay Crab Pizza.  Being a Baltimore company, one is going to probably assume that they know a thing or two about crabs.  (Isn't that usually the case?)  So how did their newest pizza offering turn out?  Let's find out!


Lures Chesapeake Chachos

Lures is a local watering hole that prides itself on its extensive craft beer selection and regional cuisine, and has been around since 2008.  They were even voted Best Hidden Gem by the Annapolis What's Up? Mag in 2011.  Just glance around the place, and you'll wonder what they love more -- beer or fishing.  The two naturally go hand-in-hand, so for now we'll call it even.

Switching over to the menu, there are a lot of Maryland classics on there, as well as Lures' own unique twist on those classics.  For example, you can go the classic route and order the Cream of Crab soup.  Or you can get fancy and try their Jalapeño Corn Crab Chowder.  Their take on nachos also follows this pattern, which is the focus of our review.  How was it?  Read on and find out!


Stuggy's Crab Mac and Cheese Dog

What can you say about the all-Amercian hot dog?  Well, they do come in all sorts of varities and flavors, that is for sure.  But the new trend is for the gourmet hot dog stand.  Gourmet dogs are quick, easy, and the topping combinations are plentiful.

Located in Fells Point, Stuggy's has brought a much needed diversion for the late night bar crowd from your usual pizza joint and diner.  With a focus on using the freshest ingredients without fillers or preservatives, they have some of the best dogs in town.  Stuggy's was a regular haunt of mine when I lived in Fells Point, so while at the Fells Point Fun Festival this past weekend, I had to stop in for one of their delicious treats.  With crab on my mind, they did not fail to deliver.  Read on to find out about this unique hot dog!

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