Weekly reviews of crab cakes around the MD and DC area

Food Trucks
Feb 22, 2018

Chef Driven DC

Once nice days, nothing beats going outside for lunch. And working close to Farragut Square, the food trucks are always near, rain or shine. So on this particular springish day in February, the CCR found themselves checking out the scene, and came across a truck that was featuring jumbo lump crab cakes. "Champagne taste on a Sarsaparilla budget" That truck would be Chef Driven DC. Now, crab cakes aren't always on the menu, but this week they were, and we venture to think they'll be on the menu again. So are they worth the wait, or should you try something else? Read on and find out!

We've written about food trucks before. Frankly, we love them. There's nothing like getting out of the office for lunch and going to an outdoor food court that is different each day. Yet, food trucks are like the epic white whale - there one day, gone the next. Sure, you could use the various online methods of stalking your favorite truck. But with the sheer volume of food trucks on the streets these days, it is hard to keep up with them all, let alone know who is still in business and who is new to the scene. The DC Crab Cake & Co. truck is one of them. They've been around since late 2013, and already had food the first time we saw them. So we recently came across them and had to try them out. Was it worth the wait? Let's find out!

Feb 22, 2018

Feelin Crabby

The latest foodie craze to hit the streets of DC is the gourmet food truck.  Mind you, these are not your parents' food trucks, which were really nothing more than snack cards or a mobile catering business that serviced construction sites and movie studios.  No, these are mobile kitchens without the overhead of establishing a physical restaurant, and able to go to where the customers are at a moment's notice.  The idea is simple - a minimal kitchen with a focus on one or two food items that the mobile chefs rock as their signature dish.  Some even offer loyalty cards, which reward you for your repeat business.  And a good number of them accept credit cards.

So with new trucks hitting the road every day, and the food truck craze continuing to spread, it only makes sense that one would be serving up tasty, tasty crab (especially in this area!).  Feelin' Crabby doesn't serve up crab cakes, however.  But, instead, deliver a tasty crab sandwich (called a Crabwich), which you can view as either the crab's answer to the lobser roll, or an uncooked crab cake.  Either way, it's crab (and jumbo lump at that!).  But is it delicious?  Let's find out!

Feb 22, 2018

Gypsy Queen Cafe

The best thing about food trucks is that, besides the potential for inventive, high quality food, but the fact that they come to you! Well, maybe not to your front door, but at least close enough that you could more than likely walk to them. Enter the Gypsy Queen Cafe, voted Baltimore's best food truck for the past 6 years. While the name implies they are a brick and mortar restaurant, they are, in fact, a food truck. There used to be a restaurant, actually, if you remember Helen's Garden. But that was then and this is now. And when funky street food involves crab cakes, you know we're there! Read on to see what we thought!

Feb 22, 2018

The Seafood Boss

Food trucks can be a wonderful thing. We like to think of them as a roving food court that typically changes assemblages daily. One one such stroll down the food trucks at Franklin Square, we noticed The Seafood Boss. "Home of the All Lump Crab Cakes" that are also world-famous and award-winning. With claims like that, you know that the CCR had to check them out in our quest to find decent crab cakes in DC. Follow along as we sample their crab cakes and see what the hubbub is all about!