Weekly reviews of crab cakes around the MD and DC area


Cantlers Riverside Inn has been serving fine seafood to the Annapolis area since 1974.  Watermen, boaters, and toursists alike can agree that this establishment is the embodiment of a Maryland seafood house -- no frills, just good food.  A little bit hard to find, this place has a perfect perch on the waters of Edgewater, not far from Annapolis harbor.  They have a solid steamed crab, but what we really want to know about are their crab cakes.  Well let's find out!

The Edgewater Restaurant has been around since 1948, and is one of those local institutions that will get people all excited at just a mention of the name.  A sheer testimant to their ability to survive as long as they have, you'll get the same reaction from everyone -- the crab cakes are their most favorite thing in the world.  But, the one thing they neglect to tell you, is WHICH crab cakes are their favorite.  You see, Edgewater sells two kinds -- jumbo lump and backfin.  One could assume that the jumbo lumps are it, but if you happen to show up on a Wednesday, you'll notice that the backfin crab cakes are the special of the day!  Not wanting to pass up a good deal, the CCR decided to focus their efforts on the backfins, at least this time around.  Are they as legendary as jumbo lumps?  Time to see for ourselves!