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510 Johnny's

510 Johnny's is one of Bel Air's newest dining and nightlife locations, taking over where Bellissimo used to be next to Target. While the space is mostly the same layout, it definitely got a makeover and no longer sports the inside of a ships hull, but rather a grungy, but classy, restaurant where good food and music meet. So with new owners, a new look, and a new menu, there's only one question on our mind: how are the crab cakes? Read on and find out!


Bayard House

The Bayard House in Chesapeake City, MD has a long standing history. Considered to be the oldest building in town, the original building, which was a manor, was built in the 1780's. It wasn't until 1829 that the location was first used as a public building, being converted to a tavern and an inn (then called Chick's Tavern). Since then, the building has changed owners, at one point in time being sold to a descendent of the original owner. Not until the early 80's did Allaire du Pont purchase the property and restore it, along with much of the village, and can still be seen today. But we didn't turn out for a history lesson. We came for crab cakes! Read on and let us let you know how they were!


Ocean City Brewing Company

This week, the CCR continues their vacation coverage of Ocean City, MD. A town certainly known for crabs, and where there are crabs, you will find crab cakes. But you'll also find beer. And what better way to enjoy a beer than to go right to the source. That's just what we did when we went to visit the Ocean City Brewing Company. Relatively new to the area, they opened in May 2014 and have enjoyed success since then. The easy formulas are always winners: good beer, good food, good people. Were the crab cakes the perfect accompaniment to their craft beers? Let's find out!


Bad Monkey Bar & Grill

Summertime in Maryland means one thing to many -- road trip downy ocean, 'hon! And a trip to Ocean City might involve crabs. If you're not standing in line to sit at a paper-lined table to crack crabs amongst pitchers of Natty Boh and friends, then you're going to get your crab fix another way. Maybe, perhaps, a crab cake? That's where the Bad Monkey Bar & Grill comes in. Located midtown on 58th St, the Bad Monkey is conveniently located to just about anywhere on the island and ready to fulfill whatever your need -- carry out or eat in; breakfast, lunch, or dinner; free water or choosing from a wide selection of beers. Whatever it is, they've got you covered. And they certainly had us covered for crab cakes. Read on to see how they were!

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