Weekly reviews of crab cakes around the MD and DC area

Fells Point
Feb 22, 2018

Ale Mary's

Ale Mary's is a family-run neighborhood tavern located on the outer reaches of Fells Point, known for huge portions of food (especially their tots!), an excellent selection of beers, and maybe even a bit of controversy. While they've been around since 2004, it was in early 2012 that Catholic groups were up in arms at what they perceived to be blasphomey. From the name (which actually stems from the owner's wife's name), and the religious relics inside the bar (often brought in by patrons themselves), and maybe the draft list on a hymn board, one could possibly take offense. But luckily we're not the easily offended type, but the prospect of a heavenly crab cake is what we live for. So say a prayer and join us as we check out Ale Mary's!

Alexander's Tavern is a neighborhood bar located in the historic Fells Point section of Baltimore. You may get confused by which door to go into (one goes into the restaurant, the other goes into the bar area), but that shouldn't stop you from coming in. You may not know by looking at the place, but they've won numerous awards, from a "Best of" from FourSquare in the Food category, to 3rd Best Pub by Baltimore Magazine Readers in 2012. If the happy hour specials won't pull you in, then the astounding selection of tots will. But knowing us, we're all about the crab cakes with a side of tots. So we checked out Alexander's one day to check out how they were. Read along to see how our visit went!

So, you're driving up Boston St in downtown Baltimore, or maybe you're just riding along on the Water Taxi, when suddenly, there on the corner, is a building shaped like a boat. Yeah, you know the one. Since 1978, the Captain James Landing has been serving crabs and quality seafood to residents and visitors alike. Steamed crabs always hit the spot, but if it's nice out, then you can just cross the street and enjoy them on the Crab Deck. But we're setting sail for crab cakes. Should we set sail, or abandon ship for them? Let's find out!

Feb 22, 2018

Dudas Tavern

The CCR has descended upon a well-known watering hole in Fells Point called Duda's Tavern.  Small and cozy, you wouldn't think that they would serve really decent food, let alone crab cakes.  Part of the Fells Point Haunted PubWalk, there is a great deal of history in this tavern.  So how do their crab cakes stack up?  Read on to find out!

Feb 22, 2018

John Steven Ltd

Another establishment not well known for their crab cakes, John Steven has been a Fells Point landmark since 1978 (although the history of the establishment goes back to 1911).  They're actually more known for being a neighborhood watering hole.  But walk past the bar, and you'll find yourself in the dining room with a back patio and outdoor seating.  Serving up fresh Baltimore seafood, it was time to see if the crab cakes fit the bill.

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