Weekly reviews of crab cakes around the MD and DC area

Feb 22, 2018

Don's Crabs

We could make a stupid dad joke here about Don and his crabs. But we're not. Instead, we're going to talk to you about Don and his crabs. Since 1973, Don's Crabs has been serving fresh, local seafood year round. With locations in Parkville and Bel Air, they're close by! Just plan on eating them elsewhere, because both locations are carry out. Read on and see what we thought about Don's crab cakes!

Feb 22, 2018


Marchionda's is a family-owned and operated fine Italian restaurant in the Parkville section of Baltimore. Looking on a map, it may seem like it's in a familiar section. If you thougt that, then you'd be right! Marchionda's is in the same location where Angelina's used to be in July of 2013. It's certinaly no what the place used to be, with a fresh makeover that brings some class without being overly fancy. It's what dinner out should be like. And Marchionda's continues the tradition of crab cakes started by the former tenants. Do they live up to the tradition? Let's find out!

A long time ago, there was a bar tucked away amongst the windy back roads around Loch Raven Reservoir called Sander's Corner. This building has a long history dating back to the 1950s, serving once as a blacksmith shop, post office, and several restaurants. Today, it remains a restaurant, whose full name is McFaul's Ironhorse Tavern at Sander's Corner. The kitchen focuses on local and seasonal dishes, putting together items that are both family friendly and have a local twist. Our favorite local item, of course, would be the crab cakes. Are they worthy of a trip out of the city? We went to check it out, so read along and see how it went down!

Feb 22, 2018


One thing that our friends keep asking us is if we've been to Pappas yet. It's always been on the list, we just hadn't gotten around to it. When you talk about crab cakes, Pappas' name is sure to always come up. Since 1972, they've been a Baltimore institution, offering quality food at a fair price, with a focus on customer service. Their crab cakes are huge, and have been featured Baltimore Magazine, the Baltimore Sun, and in 2009, the Baltimore City Paper crowned them Best Crab Cake.  Located up in the Parkville area, they're well outside of downtown, but still in the heart of suburban Baltimore. So with the rave reviews coming in from all ends, we set out to see what the talk was about. Follow along as we take a journey to crab cake town!

The All-American Steakhouse & Sports Theatre is a regional chain with 3 locations in VA and 2 in MD.  Featuring wet and dry aged corn-fed midwestern beef, along with all of your other bar favorites, you won't have any excuse not to be hungry when you walk in. The kitchen is located right near the door, so you get smacked with a waft of sizzling beef the second you step in. Which isn't a bad thing, honestly. And try as we might, we didn't let that deter us from what we're really after -- crab cakes! Were they as delicious as the steaks smelled? Let's find out!

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