Weekly reviews of crab cakes around the MD and DC area

Feb 22, 2018

Del Frisco's

Del Frisco's is a nationwide collection of steakhouses that draws its inspriation from the distinctive personalities, character and architectural design of the cities they inhabit.  For example, the Philadelphia location is in the old First Pennsylavnia Bank building, and contains a three-story wine tower looming over the main bar.  With multiple levels and the spectacular archetectural design of an old bank, the restaurant truly is inspring.  And while their focus is mostly on steak, they do have some seafood on offer as well, with one particular appetizer catching our eye.  Follow along as we continue this culinary adventure!

What's the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Lancaster? That's right, you think about the Amish, who do influence a lot in the area. Which brings us to beer. What the Amish Country is known for goes into every Lancaster Brewing Company beer. Which is, according to their website: fresh country air, clean water, and rich, non-irrigated farmland. What results is incredibly fresh, quality beer made according to German purity laws. Lancaster is a bit out of the way to go for crab cakes, yet there they are on the menu. Do the same attention to quality go into their crab cakes that they put into their beers? Let's find out!

Every now and again, the CCR likes to venture out past its normal territory to see how crab cakes are interpreted by our neighboring counties/states. On a recent trip to Lancaster, we happened upon a small roadside restaurant: RD's American Grill. Opened in 2013, RD's focuses on traditional American comfort food and BBQ. While slow cooked meats is usually one way to grab our attention, the inclusion of crab cakes on the menu is the clincher. So one night we decided to stop on by and check them out. Read on to see how crab cakes are done north of the Mason Dixon!

Feb 22, 2018

The Brasserie

It's not often that the CCR reviews crab cakes outside of the MD/DC area. But this week, Daddy needed a new pair of shoes, so we packed up the car and headed to Lancaster, PA, home of the Pennsylvania Dutch, outlet malls galore, and The Brasserie. If you've been in the area, but haven't happened upon The Brasserie, located between the outlets and downtown Lancaster, has been around since 1925. Originally a traditional home for over 50 years, it is now a casual restauranct that captures the essence of the countryside. Their Tomato Bisque Soup was featured in Bon Appetite Magazine, and they share the recipe with you on their website. They also mention that their crab cakes are equally as delicious, a claim that we needed to see for ourselves. Read on and see how they were!