Weekly reviews of crab cakes around the MD and DC area

Lexington Market
Feb 22, 2018


So where do you go when you want to pre-game for a show, but want a wide selection of beers to choose from? That's right, you go to Alewife! Located in the Theatre District, Alewife is a gastropub that focuses on highlighting Maryland cuisine. And getting to choose from 40 draft and 100 bottled beers isn't such a bad thing, either. You can't get much more Maryland than a crab cake (or the Blackened Snakehead, AKA "the Frankenfish"), so we decided to stop in and give them a try. Read on to find out how they were!

A family-owned and operated buisness, Faidley's has been serving up award winning all lump crab cakes in Baltimore's historic Lexington Market since 1866.  Faidley's is almost always included in any crab cake debate as a top contender with G&M.  Read any review, and people will either love or hate Faidley's all lump crab cakes, going out of their way to sample this world-reknowned establishment.  What does the Crab Cake Review think?  Read on to find out!

Faidley's is a Baltimore icon, serving up world famous all lump crab cakes in the historic Lexington Market.  Always front and center in any crab cake debate, people have gone out of their way to see what the fuss is all about.  When you get to Faidley's, you will notice that there are three different styles of crab cakes:  All Lump, Backfin and Regular.  Which one you choose could impact the rest of your visit, either walking away completely satisfied that you made the right decision, or disappointed to find out you didn't choose the one that everyone is raving about.  We've already reviewed the All Lump offering from Faidley's, so let's see how the Backfin compares.