Weekly reviews of crab cakes around the MD and DC area

Feb 22, 2018


Pasquale's has been serving fine Italian food to the Kingsville area for over 20 years. The goal at Pasquale's is to provide high quality, authentic Italian food made from the finest and freshest ingredients, in an effort to keep their customers satisfied. If you happen to drive by their restaurant, you'll notice that there is normally a sandwich board on the side of the road advertising homemade cream of crab soup, and, you guessed it, crab cakes! Drive past that sign enough times, and you'll eventually find yourself inside, placing that crab cake order. Was it worth the stop? Let's find out!

Feb 22, 2018

Sunshine Grille

If there was ever a location to open a restaurant, Fork, MD would be it. We're not sure what happened to Knife and Spoon, MD, but one thing we do know is that Fork is home to the Sunshine Grille. Sunshine Grille is a Greek and American restaurant featuring fresh, local ingredients, alongside a selection of craft beers and wines, all reasonably priced to keep you coming back. So while they're not part of the regular menu (which is quite extensive), we did happen upon crab cakes on the specials menu one night. Did they live up to the reputation of the Sunshine Grille? Let's find out!