Weekly reviews of crab cakes around the MD and DC area

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Garry's Grill

Taking fresh, availavble ingredients and making them into an unexpected, unique dish. Sounds fancy, huh? What if we told you that it's from what has been described as an 'upscale diner' that also has a full bar and offers baked goods and desserts? Enter Garry's Grill. Since 1991, Garry's Grill has been delighting locals with their seasonal menu, as well as taking their cuisine on the road with their catering business. Garry may have retired and headed south, but the restaurant lives on. Were their crab cakes as worthy as their other menu offerings? Read on to find out!


Captain James Landing

So, you're driving up Boston St in downtown Baltimore, or maybe you're just riding along on the Water Taxi, when suddenly, there on the corner, is a building shaped like a boat. Yeah, you know the one. Since 1978, the Captain James Landing has been serving crabs and quality seafood to residents and visitors alike. Steamed crabs always hit the spot, but if it's nice out, then you can just cross the street and enjoy them on the Crab Deck. But we're setting sail for crab cakes. Should we set sail, or abandon ship for them? Let's find out!

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