Weekly reviews of crab cakes around the MD and DC area

Jan 16, 2018

Mo's Seafood

Mo's Seafood is no stranger to the CCR. In fact, Mo's Crab and Pasta Factory was one of our very first reviews. Just in case you're not familiar, Mo's Seafood has been serving quality seafood in the Baltimore area for more than 25 years. There are 5 locations around the area, with a 6th coming to White Marsh. Despite our experience at the Factory with the backfin crab cakes, friend of the CCR, Donna F, had enthusiastically urged us to go to Mo's back in 2012. So it was finally time to revisit Mo's at a different location. Was it worth the trip? Let's find out!

Jan 16, 2018

S&J Crab Ranch

It's not often that you come across a crab ranch. But when you do, it's nothing like you expect. Sadly, there aren't men in cowboy hats, riding narwhals corraling crabs into traps. But what it is is a local establishment in Towson that opened in 2011, featuring steamed crabs and southern barbeque. Usually, you'd expect to smell either smoked meats or Old Bay, but usually not both. But sometimes you have to ask yourself, "Why not both?" Fighting the urge to snatch one of the many trays of steamed crabs walking by our table, we decided to corral us up a crab cake and see how things are out on the Ranch. Read on to see how it went!

The Crackpot Restaurant has been around since 1972, and was one of the first crab houses to fly crabs in from Louisiana year round. The crab house is termed "retro" for its decor that most likely hasn't changed since they opened. Despite the decor, they have earned numerous awards for their crabs and crab cakes, most recently being featured in 2013 by Towson Magazine and Baltimore Magazine (making their Top 25 Crab Cakes of 2013 list). The Crackpot is also one of the few places in Baltimore who dare to offer flavored crab cakes, as well as claim to have the largest crab cake in town (20oz!). With such history and reputation on the line, we, naturally, had to see if the Crackpot is all that it's cracked up to be. Curious? Read on and see what we thought!

Jan 16, 2018

Towson Tavern

Usually when you think of a tavern, you think casual. But when you walk into the Towson Tavern, you step into an environment where casual meets upscale. Located where the Reicher Theater and Rec Room used to be, the Towson Tavern creates a sophisticated, but casual, environment serving regional American cuisine. And what's more regional than crab cakes, right? Follow along and see how the Towson Tavern represents Maryland!