Weekly reviews of crab cakes around the MD and DC area

Feb 22, 2018

Blob's Park

Who doesn't love a German beer hall?  Wood paneling and stuffed animal heads on the walls (one bear in particular looks like he knows how to have a good time!).  Long list of German beers on tap.  The sounds of polkas and people in traditional German clothing dancing.

Blob's Park has been around since 1933, when it opened with the purpose to bring a little bit of the homeland to the area for everyone to enjoy.  There is a fair amount of history here, like the first Oktoberfest in the United States being celebrated here in 1947.  If you haven't been here at least once, then you'll certainly want to make a point to at some point.  

Bennet's Curse also sets up shop at Blob's Park, which has been voted one of the best haunts in the country.  As part of your admission, you gain free entrance into Blob's Park.  Imagine our surprise when, after going into the bar for a post-haunt beer, that we would see crab cakes on the menu!  (But, sadly, no maultaschen.)  Well, we couldn't pass up an opportunity to see what the Germans could do with our favorite local treat.  Follow along to see how the aventure unfolds!