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Crab Galley Backfin Crab Cake

Crab Galley Backfin Crab Cake Crab Galley Backfin Crab Cake Crab Cake Review

The Crab Galley has been around for as long as the CCR can remember.  They are family-owned local seafood carryout establishment, specializing in steamed crabs and other seafood.  They are located in Odenton and Bowie.  With a name like Crab Galley, you'd want to believe that they know what to do with some crabs.  So are they masters of the crab cake, or should you just stick to ordering crabs?  Find out inside!

Crab Galley sells both backfin and jumbo lump crab cakes.  They are a takeout establishment, so you can have them cook the cakes, or you can get them uncooked.  This review is for the backfin crab cakes.  We chose to cook them at home by setting the oven to broil for 5 minutes, and then broiling for 12 minutes on the center rack.

The backfin crab cake is Maryland style and made with lots of backfin crab meat and held together with breadcrumbs, mayonnaise, and spices.  The backfin meat is mostly shreaded, with a few small lumps within.  Lots of breadcrumbs mixed in with the crab meat, but is still pretty moist.

Crab meat has some good flavor to it, nice and sweet.  The breading used to mix in with the crab has a nice flavor to it as well.  The one thing you don't expect is a peppery spice to the cake.  Overall, it's quite nice and something a little different than the competittion, if you're into that sort of thing.  While we liked it, it may not be for everyone, so beware of that and stick with the jumbo lump crab cake (reviewed next week).  You can still taste the crab, so that's a plus, and why we didn't knock a crab off of the rating.  If we had to nitpick about anything, it's the fact that the cake could use less breading.  Lemon compliments the crab cake well, if you're into that sort of thing.

Have you tried Crab Galley's Backfin Crab Cake?  Let us know about it in the comments!

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Additional Info

  • Restaurant Name: The Crab Galley
  • Address: 1351 Odenton Rd Odenton, MD 21113
  • Neighborhood: Odenton
  • Restaurant Type: Local
  • Review Date: 09/18/2012 3:13pm
  • Atmosphere: Not Busy
  • Item(s) Ordered: Backfin Crab Cake
  • Cooking Style: Broiled
  • Other Styles Available: Yes
  • Available by mail order?: No
  • Price: 6.95
  • Order Type: Store Bought
  • Crab Content: Backfin
  • Filler: More Than Average
  • Spice: Above Average
  • Overall Impression: Very Good
  • Rating (out of 5 crabs):