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Kahler's Crabhouse

Kahler's Crab House Single Crab Cake Platter Kahler's Crab House Single Crab Cake Platter Crab Cake Review

Marylanders love a good crab shack. And Kahler's Crabhouse certainly delivers on the expereince! They've been around since the 1940's, and have been at their current location since 1961. Holding on to traditional values, Kahler's aims to use the same quality ingredients that they've always used throughout their history, preferring Maryland Blue crabs to any other. Where you find crabs, you'll find crab cakes, and if their crabs are any indication, then we should be in for a real treat. Come and join us on our journey, where we put down the mallet, and find out how their crab cakes rate!

We'd be here all day if we listed all of the crabby offerings at Kahler's. With regards to the crab cakes, they are available as a sandwich served with chips and your choice of bread; or as a platter, single or double, with your choice of two sides. All prices are Market Price. Our review is based on the single Crab Cake platter.

Kahler's crab cakes are large balls of jumbo lump crab meat, bound together with a mayonnaise base. Add in some breadcrumbs and spice into the mix, with some parsley for color, and that's about it. The amount of breadcrumbs used makes this a Maryland style cake.

We felt this was an exceptional crab cake! The jumbo lumps of crab, as expected are nice and sweet. There's enough spice in the mix to make itself known on the front side, but can't win over the flavor of the Blue crab. Ends up mellowing out as you take other bites. While the spicing was tasty, we felt it was a tad bit salty. But other than that little niggle, we found this to be one of the better crab cakes that we've had in a while. Definitely check it out if you're in the neighborhood and not in the mood to throw down a few dozen crabs!

Have you tried Kahler's Crabhouse's Crab Cake? Share your experience with us in the comments!

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Additional Info

  • Restaurant Name: Kahler's Crabhouse
  • Address: 8036 Philadelphia Rd Rosedale, MD 21237
  • Neighborhood: Rosedale
  • Restaurant Type: Local
  • Review Date: 08/08/2016 6:43pm
  • Atmosphere: Busy
  • Item(s) Ordered: Jumbo Lump Crab Cake Platter
  • Cooking Style: Broiled
  • Other Styles Available: Yes
  • Available by mail order?: No
  • Price: Market Price ($15.95 at time of review)
  • Order Type: Single Platter
  • Crab Content: Jumbo Lump
  • Filler: Average
  • Spice: Average
  • Overall Impression: Outstanding
  • Rating (out of 5 crabs):